WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

A Better Vaping Experience Starts with Cleaning Your Electronic Cigarette

Cleaning your electronic cigarette or  vaping unit is something a good majority of vaping users don’t usually think about. However, a blocked up or simply unclean unit is one of the main causes for not getting enough vapor. Some vaping enthusiasts assume that when you don’t get enough of the vapor, that there’s either a malfunction with a part of the device or simply the battery’s not charged.

At My Freedom Smokes, we want you to enjoy your vaping experience. With that said, let's dive right in on how you should clean your electronic cigarette to get the most out of it.

Let’s begin with the atomizer. The reason we begin with this is that many people seem to skip or completely fail to remember that an electronic cigarette’s still a powered device. With any powered device that requires an electrical outlet, you need to make sure it’s kept dry and free of fluid and build-up. So, when cleaning the connection points of your atomizer, use a clean cloth that won’t leave lint or cotton pieces behind. Gently wipe in and around the connections that bring together your battery and atomizer. Remember, it’s of great significance to not leave behind any small pieces of cloth or liquid because this could be down the line hazardous to you should they get into the heating coil. It’s not pretty if that happens.

Well, the hard stuff’s over. Let’s move on to the battery. The battery’s relatively easy to keep clean because most of its parts are inside and are fairly hard to get to without the use of a screwdriver, hammer, blowtorch or many other tools and such most people don’t always have lying around. That means it’s also hard for other particles to get in to it, but not impossible over the course of time using your vaping device.

Basically, there isn’t much you can do other than make sure to wipe it down often and keep any dust, cloth particles, and dirt from traveling into the seam between the end that lights up and the battery container.

Now that you have some information on how best to keep your vaping device clean and in top quality working order, you should be able to get a higher quality of vapor usage from it. Overall, this is extremely important for helping to increase the life of your electronic cigarette and to make sure that you have an awesome vaping experience.