WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Longer Battery Life Equals a Better Vaping Experience



Ten years ago, vapers would use those expensive disposable batteries in the first generation electronic cigarettes. Today, you see rechargeable lithium ion batteries of all kinds. Most come standard with second and third generation devices, especially here at My Freedom Smokes. They’re really amazing and have advanced the technology behind using different vaping devices.

However, batteries still require some care in order to achieve their maximum lifespan. These 7 quick methods will show you how to get the most power from your electronic cigarette battery.


Method #1: Store Your Batteries in a Dry and Cool Place

For example, anytime you leave batteries out in the heat or in a damp area, you run the risk of limiting the lifespan, or in some cases, completely destroying them. You want to make sure that you keep your batteries in a cool and dry spot, such as the freezer.


Method # 2: When The Battery is Finished Charging, Unplug It

When your vaporizer is 100% charged, leaving it charging for extended periods of time isn’t a wise idea because it'll prevent your battery from holding a charge if done repeatedly.


Method #3: Clean the Connections 

Messy substances, dust, old e-juice, and other particles can plug up the connection between the battery and tank. In order for your battery to keep functioning properly, without all that mess interfering, you need to make sure you clean it on a regular basis.


Method #4: Recharge the Battery Before it Goes Fully Dead

Recharging a fully dead battery requires a lot more power than if it has even a little more life remaining. The lifespan of your battery will reduce at a faster pace if you permit your vaping device to completely die too frequently.


Method #5: Low Charge Batteries Should NOT Be Stored Away

If you’re putting away your electronic cigarette for an extended period of time, make sure you've at least a 75% charge on it. DO NOT store below a 50% charge because it’ll decrease the lifespan.


Method #6: The Tank Should Be Disconnected During Storage

Leaving the tank connected to the battery during storage will cause the device to work harder. Always disconnect the tank when it’ll be inactive for a while.


Method #7: Use Often and Enjoy!  

Just like a car battery, the more you use your vaping device by keeping it active properly, the better it’ll perform.