WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping at Higher Altitudes

Vaping is my right as an ex-smoker. I can still get my fix and enjoyment without that awkward self-conscious feeling when around other potential nonsmokers. I have discovered that with the amazing science used to create such a safer alternative to smoking, that the vaping juice itself does have a weakness. This weakness is higher altitude.

A few months ago I had a friend that was taking a camping trip into the high sierras. He had packed everything well, including his shampoo in bags, knowing that these have a tendency to leak and drip at such high altitudes. But, simply having placed his vaping supplies into an inside pocket, he soon discovered something he had not expected to happen. Along with the batteries, Mods and about a dozen tanks, the juice bottle refills had leaked everywhere! This was about 10,000 feet higher than when he had started out. 

Specifically, the Vivi Novas, had lost a little over half of their juice. The others that had a bottom feeding wick had magically become bone dry. I believe that this had happened since the cabin was not pressurized. I suggested that the next time he was going to take a camping trip or go anywhere up higher in the altitude that he should plan ahead and figure out a different method for traveling with his vaping supplies. 

The next time he took a plane trip, he brought his Kangers onto the cabin. He figured that since the cabin would be pressurized, there shouldn't be any kind of a problem with his vaping devices leaking. Again, he was wrong. What he did discover was that in order to maintain the juice level in each bottle, he needed to make sure they were filled and maintained in the exact same pressure level from start to finish. Thankfully, the third plane ride, he boarded with empty juice bottles then filled them when he got to his destination. This time he didn’t have any more leaking issues.

I haven’t had my vaping supplies on a plane. But, when I do in a couple months, I’ll be taking his advice and not risk wasting my vaping juice. From my personal experience, a few weeks ago I took my vape on a hike about 3,000 feet in elevation. I didn't leak juice, but I did find it hard to vape and there was a significant loss in flavor. Next time I’ll just wait to fill my cartridges no matter where I go in elevation.