WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Summertime Vaping Battery Safety Tips

There is nothing cooling than vaping when the summer heat is hitting the hardest. However, for you to enjoy your summertime vaping sessions, you need to make some adjustments to stay safe and enjoy the vape. Noticeably, personal vaporizers and MOD batteries are packed with a lot of energy in a compacted space. This is true for devices that utilize lithium batteries. For you to enjoy vaping while remaining safe during these hot summer days, remember the following safety tips.

Never Leave Your Batteries in a Car

The high intensity summer heat is an enemy to your vaping batteries. During the days, with a scorching sun or hot weather, you should never leave your batteries inside a car. The temperatures outside can go up to 60s, but inside a closed car, the heat can shoot up to even 112 degrees F. This is almost double the recommended temperature for battery storage.

If you have to leave your car for a long period in the hot summer days, you should take both the MOD and the batteries with you. Besides, you should never use a USB port or the cigarette lighter adapter to charge your batteries inside a car when the sun is scorching. This could substantially shorten the life of your batteries. Adversely, overheated lithium batteries can cause fire that could lead to injures.

Check Your VF Range

It is of paramount importance to check your voltage and batteries when there is a rise in the mercury thermometer. This is especially important if you utilize a variable voltage device. When the heat rises, your e-liquids tend to get a little thinner. If you usually use VF range batteries and your device runs on 3.7 volts, it is recommendable to drop to 3.2 volts during the scorching summer days.

Look Out For Overheated Devices

When you regularly use your e-cigarettes and MOD, it is normal for them to become a little warm. If you stay for long out in the sun, your devices could overheat. If they are too hot to touch, consider resting them in a cool place for some time. In some instances, your batteries will get too hot when you are using them a lot. If they overheat from exposure to the hot sun or from use, they are prone to venting. This occurs when the chemicals in your batteries overheat and produce harmful gases, which could explode. Play your vaping safe by monitoring the hotness of your device.

Peeling Battery Covers

The wrappings that cover your batteries ensures the safety of the battery contents. The covers are made of PVC, and they could get faulty from the summer heat. Particularly, this may occur around the negative and positive contacts. This can make your batteries short out.

When you have been out in the summer sun for long, it is advisable for you to keep an eye on the wraps of your device. You may at times notice some peeling around your device’s edges. It is very unsafe to use batteries in such a condition. In case of these observations, you do not necessarily have to buy new batteries. You can source for replacement wraps for your batteries from online stores. You may also consider utilizing some online tutorials on how re-wrap your batteries safely.

Battery Storage

If you use rechargeable batteries for your devices, such as 26650 batteries, 18500 batteries, or 18350 batteries, you should use a safe box to store them in a cool place. Never leave them out in the sun or inside a hot car.
If you use eGO-C batteries, you should turn off your batteries and store them in a cool, dry place. Never leave them in the pockets of your pants as you could accidentally sit on them. They could also damage from excessive heat. You can utilize a carrying case in your shirt pocket to carry them safely outdoors. Always remember to disconnect the batteries from the atomizer or turn them off.

Vaping safely can be a satisfying and calming hobby. With the profusion of e-liquids, you can enjoy great family and friends moments this summer. If you closely take care of your batteries, you will not only continue having a pleasurable experience, but you will also increase their life, even on the hot days of summer.