WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What is Squonking, a Tutorial for Newbies

Whether you’re a casual vaper or just getting your first vape mod, chances are you’ve heard the term “squonking.” It’s an odd-sounding term that has many of the uninitiated scratching their heads.  But squonking is actually a novel and innovative vaping method.

Basically, squonking eliminates some of the biggest problems with a redistributable dripping atomizer (better known as a “dripper” or an RDA), which is one of the most popular types of vape mods on the market.  RDAs are known to give vapers the best flavor, as they’re always vaping fresh juice dripped directly onto the coils. However RDAs need constant dripping, making them far less portable or practical for use in everyday activities like driving or walking in the city. Squonk mods or “bottom feeding atomizers” fix this problem by holding e-liquid internally and sending it directly to the atomizer.

Squonking RDAs are essentially RDAs with a soft bottle at the bottom to feed you juice on demand. In a typical squonk mod layout, an e-liquid bottle sits inside the mod, accessible to the thumb via a “squonk hole.” A thin, flexible tube connects the bottle to a squonk-compatible tank. When you want to refill the atomizer and your wicks start to dry, a squeeze of the bottle forces e-liquid into the atomizer deck and soaks the wicks. Because the process relies entirely on pressure, releasing your thumb sucks any excess liquid back into the bottle. This means perfectly soaked wicks every time, with practically none of the inconvenience of manual-dripping traditional RDAs.

Squonk mods combine the best aspects of RDAs while eliminating many of the drawbacks. For one thing, the mess that usually accompanies constant manual dripping is a thing of the past. Squonk bottles typically hold up to 8ml of vape juice, which is several times the capacity of sub-ohm tanks. To add to the amount of time you save on re-dripping and refilling during the day, you also get the best flavor possible out of your setup.

However there are a few cons; the most important by far is that squonking is a precise and unforgiving process. Most squonk mods are unregulated devices, which means users without an in-depth understanding of voltage and resistance could find their mods literally blowing up in their faces if they don’t do their due diligence. Squonk bottles are also quite large, and the amount of space they take up inside your mod limits the size (ie capacity) of the battery you can house in the mod with it.

Squonking is definitely something to check out if you’re looking to eliminate some of the cons in RDAs. If drippers aren’t your thing—or if you aren’t too up on your ohm’s law and wattage yet—you’re probably better off sticking to regulated mods until you know you’re ready to give squonking a shot.