WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Research Grows



Each year, over 6 million people die worldwide from tobacco-related illnesses. Tobacco’s highly addictive, and many smokers, especially those who have smoked for many years, have tried everything on the market only to fail time and time again. Patches and gums are extremely popular but have limited success. In fact, the Tobacco Control Journal has reported that most gums and patches are often no more effective than going cold turkey. In most cases, both gums and patches require additional medications in order to work. There are other alternatives that have seen a better success rate. But are they the better alternative?

According to a study published in the Health Hub from Cleveland Clinic, e-cigarettes and vaping devices can be a healthier and more effective way to stop smoking. E-cigarettes, which hit the market here in the U.S. a little over 10 years ago, look and feel like a real cigarette. Unlike regular cigarettes, which have a pungent odor that sticks to everything, e-cigarettes have a mild odor and they’re much cheaper than traditional cigarettes in the long run. The smoker is also not breathing in dangerous nicotine, which’s addictive. A person who smokes just one pack of cigarettes per day could find themselves paying over $300 per month, whereas, the e-cigarette cartridge could only run you $20-$40 per month.

While there’s not enough research to determine the health risks, most doctors agree that you are likely at a very low risk to develop cancer, emphysema, stroke, heart attack and other medical issues. So, when you factor in the cost-effectiveness and the fact that you can still enjoy the same nicotine craving, there's no question that e-cigarettes are a better option.

Vaping, which has the same premise as e-cigarettes, has a vegetable glycerin e-liquid to satisfy your craving for nicotine. Vaping is also considered better than patches in gums for many of the same reasons. Vaping uses little to no nicotine and does help smokers quit. In one study, smokers were given vaping pens in the place of regular cigarettes. After one year, about 81% were still vaping and no longer smoking. In another study of 2,000 ex-smokers, 96% said vaping helped them quit smoking. When you compare the studies against those of gums and patches, it's easy to see that vaping and e-cigarettes are a better alternative.

Although first reluctant, many doctors are now applauding the effectiveness of e-cigarettes and vaping in general.