WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

What Your MOD Says About You

Once you have some experience vaping under your built, you’re probably starting to look at the MODs that're available from My Freedom Smokes. The quick disposable and refillable vaporizers are all well and good, but when you're looking for power, vapor and style only true MODs offer you the choice you want. What you choose can send a powerful message to those around you. Just like your choice of beer, what your MOD says about you becomes the calling card that defines your first impression.

The battery power
It's one thing to show up with a vaporizer that says "yeah, I vape," and another to appear with a MOD that has a power battery. That means more vapor and for longer stretches. This sends a clear message that you're serious and knowledgeable about vaporizers.

The mouthpiece design
There are numerous mouthpiece designs available for MODs from straight tip to bent and even range adjustable. The mouthpiece design carries information about the type of person you are. If you choose a straight tip, you're sending the message you're a straight shooter, no-nonsense and ready to deal with the task at hand. Reach for one styled like a curved pipe and you become more thoughtful, introspective and careful. All this is packed into the 1 or 2 inches of stainless you set between your lips.

The coil, case and chamber
This is where MODs begin to separate the men from the boys. You don't have the most expensive MOD to send a clear message that you are competent and strong. The chambers can let people know what is important to you, the delivery or the presence. Volume vapor suggests an appreciation of life, while limited vapor shows targeted focus. Your coil is like the engine under the hood of the car. People won't see it, but they'll recognize the casing and know that you've an appreciation of the power it delivers.

Mechanical messages
One of the most powerful messages a MOD sends about you is about how you view what's important to you in life. If you own a solid mechanica MOD,l it suggests you know how to take care of the things in life that count. Even if you don't actually do your own rebuilds, the fact that you've one in your hand means you know quality.

These are all the things your MOD says about you to the people around you. Just like with anything you do in public, choose the message wisely.