WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Sex Appeal Behind Vaping

"Ugh, they were so attractive until they put that cigarette in their mouth." That is a line that I’ve heard uttered many times before. It's come from my friends as we were standing outside of bars and restaurants. I've also heard it geared at me during the period in my life that I was a smoker. For many, smoking’s a huge turn-off. Everyone has their personal preferences and for many, being a smoker seems to be the common unattractive quality. It's been viewed as trashy and disgusting.

Luckily, there’s a sexier alternative.

Vaping has become a hot and still considered to be a relatively new trend. For many, it's an attractive feature as well. A woman or a man can vape and they don't have to worry about having any of those unattractive qualities that go along with smoking cigarettes. Vaping won't cause someone to smell, it won't cause them to have yellow teeth or nails, and it won't cause them to have that smokers cough. Quite the contrary. A person who vapes will find themselves with better hair, nails, and aroma.

Vaping is sexy because it's a lifestyle change. Once a person starts vaping, they’ve more confidence in themselves, and that’s sexy. I can recall the times when I was so self-conscious smoking my cigarette. I did it in secret. I didn't feel like I was all that basically. When I vape, I do. I can vape in public and know that I'm not disturbing someone. In fact, I can vape proudly because I know I look good.

Overall, when I vape I know that I'm turning heads. I also notice how attractive other people are that vape. I love seeing a person standing in a billowy cloud when vaping. It's mysterious to me. It's even better that the smoke isn't filled with bad smelling fumes. People who vape know how to pose with their devices. It’s like their own trademark in a way. They truly know how to work it and offer that little bit of sex appeal. One of the most attractive qualities in a person is when they’re enjoying themselves. Those who had adapted the vaping lifestyle are doing just that.