WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Issue of E-Liquid Contamination

The electronic cigarette, vaporizer, and especially MODS are still kind of relatively new to the market place. Demand has grown substantially over the last few years. This has created a call for more options when it comes to producing e-liquids. From different flavors and varying nicotine concentrations, the vaping industry here in the U.S. sees new products regularly as new small e-liquid producers start to popup across the country. This can lead to greater concerns over the safety of the e-liquids being produced. Should you worry about the risk of contamination? The short answer is yes.

With little oversight or regulation, e-liquid producers can take their product from development to the sales floor as quickly as they can produce it. While many producers are upfront about certain features of their products, such as nicotine content and the percentages of PG/VG, they may not be so forthcoming regarding the environment in which their products are created. These unknowns can lead to anything from exposure to an allergen, bacteria or virus, to the inclusion of chemicals known to be unsafe for human consumption.

If the production environment doesn’t maintain a high level of cleanliness, enforcing principles of safety as well as hygiene, a person currently dealing with a cold or flu could potentially contaminate the product with the virus. The same can be said for bacterial infections, much in the way they are transmitted when a food source is affected. This includes transmission of diseases through bodily fluids of the production crew if proper standards aren’t in place. If contaminated e-liquid is then used, it could give the virus or bacteria direct access to your mouth through to your lungs, possibly resulting in infection.

Many people make the switch from traditional tobacco products to vaping due to concern over the unknown ingredients in those products. If you’re uncertain of how a particular e-liquid is made, don't be afraid to ask for information. We understand your concerns and we’ll provide you with as much information as possible to help you make an informed decision.