WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Geek or Nerd Vaper...Which One Are You?

In the rising market of e-cigarette use commonly referred to as vaping, there are two distinct classes of vapors. These classes consist of your ‘geek’ vapers and your ‘nerd’ vapers. Many might be looking at this and ask "what's the difference?" Trust me, there’s a difference between the two when it comes to the vaping community. In fact, we’re going to explore the differences and then you can decide which one you fit into.

The Geek Vaper

A geek vaper is very similar to, well, a normal geek in our everyday society. A geek in today's world is someone who’s an expert about one thing; he or she lives, eats, and breathes that passion. The same holds true in the vaping community. For example, you like box mods because you believe they produce the best clouds. If you’re a geek then you would be able to talk in detail about the type of wood your box mod is made out of or the acrylic density of the case, what type of mouthpiece you use, etc. Another way to identify if you’re a geek is if you wear vape memorabilia or a hat with your favorite brand of liquid. These are all telltale signs that you’re a geek vaper.

The Nerd Vaper

Much like a geek vaper, nerd vapers are experts in the world of vaping but they carry more diversity than being an expert in one field. Many nerd vapers generally have tried several types of vapes and can tell you pros and cons about each one without bias towards a particular brand. These types of vapers are just as passionate about vaping but don't judge you if you use a volcano instead of a box mod with 29 gauge wire.

In the end, geek and nerd vapers have several similarities but also share great differences. Both can bring a more trendy and hipster type mentality to the vaping world (think of the TV show ‘The Big Bang Theory), and there’s nothing wrong with that. After reading this comparison between the two, you should be able to decide whether you’re a geek or nerd vaper. You could also use this to identify which category your friends fit into as well.