WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Nothing Beats Pro Football and Vaping



The NFL season has kicked off, meaning there will be an abundance of football parties and attendees at all the stadiums. Fans that're involved in the world of vaping will have a better time during the football season than previous seasons when they smoked cigarettes. As a vaping user, there's a big difference between bringing a pack of cigarettes vs. bringing a vaporizer or MOD to a game or party. A new comfort level can be enjoyed that wasn't experienced before as vaping steps up and makes your season a more enjoyable one.

Whether you're at the game or just attending a football party, you won't have to miss a single snap due to having to step away and smoke a cigarette.

While At The Game
It has been documented and posted on social media of people enjoying their device while attending a game. In most stadiums, vaping is allowed, so like we mentioned earlier, you won't have to miss any of the action. Let's face it, the worst part of watching the game live is needing a bathroom break, going to the concession stand, or having to take a smoke break as you can miss an awesome play of the game potentially. Now, although vaping isn't allowed in every stadium, the possibility of enjoying a game while vaping in complete comfort is worth it at the stadiums that do allow it.

While At A Football Party
Most of us who're football fans have either attended their friend's party or have hosted their own. While partying, there are usually an abundance of people who may or may not smoke, meaning if you're a cigarette smoker, you might have to step outisde to smoke. If you're vaping, then you got the "Seatttle Seahawks home field advantage" so to speak. While the game is on, you'll be engaged with others comfortably without the need to have to step away or miss an important play during the game. The game can be discussed and watched with others without having that disgusting cigarette breathe or smell, or the feeling of being left out of the party as you've to step outside to smoke.

An overall enjoyment as a vaper trumps the enjoyment of a cigarette smoker, no matter the situation, as it pertains to a better alternative or getting your craving satisifed. The freedom of vaping eliminates your subconscious feeling of being frowned upon while at a social gathering or in the stadium as you root for your team. With all these positives in mind, whip out your vaporizer and enjoy your NFL season worry free.