WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

My Freedom Smokes Top 5 Fall E-Liquid Countdown



Fall is a time of bonfires and football, pumpkins and goblins, and of course, traditional family gatherings. It’s also a time to enjoy the treats of the season, and with a wide variety of e-liquid flavors to choose from, one can enjoy the treats without the calories.

With all that said, here is our countdown for the Top 5 Fall Flavors:

FALL E-LIQUID FLAVOR #5: Granny Smith E-Liquid / Red Delicious E-Liquid / Apple Pie E-Liquid

Apple, apple, and more apples. It’s apple picking season, but instead of picking apples off of trees, why not pick apples from our website in an e-liquid form? We’ve Granny Smith E-Liquid as well as Red Delicious E-Liquid, and these flavors top the charts when it comes to fall. Granny Smith apple flavor is just the right tart with a touch of cinnamon and spice to bring the flavor of fall through every puff. The Red Delicious apple flavored e-liquid will tickle the taste buds as every hit tastes just like the fruit. Of course, what would fall be without biting into a delicious apple pie? That’s why we added Apple Pie E-Liquid.

FALL E-LIQUID FLAVOR #4: Caramel E-Liquid

What would an apple be without the caramel sweet coating that’s always available in the fall? This e-liquid is sweet and buttery caramel flavored and it gets you into the fall vaping season with a bit more ease. You can also mix this e-liquid anytime with some of your other flavor combos as well.

FALL E-LIQUID FLAVOR #3:  Vanilla Butternut E-Liquid

This rich e-liquid tastes like a sweet butternut pie and it does so without all of the calories of the real thing. For those of you that’ll be packing on the some extra pounds during the fall season (I’m one of them and there’s nothing wrong with that), this is an e-liquid you can’t go wrong with!

FALL E-LIQUID FLAVOR #2: Butter Pecan E-Liquid and Pecan E-Liquid

Anything nutty can bring on the feeling of fall and we’ve plenty of nuts. Butter Pecan and Pecan flavors can be found in and e-liquid form so that every vape hit tastes just like the sweet nuts. Another reason why it’s okay to go “nuts” vaping this upcoming fall.

Fall E-LIQUID FALVOR #1: Cinnamon Roll E-Liquid and Cinnamon Candy E-Liquid

Ask anyone about what smell most reminds of them of fall and many people will answer with cinnamon, which’s why it’s our #1 choice. Warm, fresh baked cinnamon rolls can tempt the taste buds of any sweet treat connoisseur and the e-liquid fills that temptation with precision when one tries the Cinnamon Roll vaping liquid. If the sweet taste of Cinnamon Rolls don’t do it for you, then taking a hit off of the Cinnamon Candy E-liquid just may be the ticket (Halloween all year round for that flavor).

E-liquid comes in so many fascinating and tasty flavors as it is. But they can also be mixed, like apples and caramel, to create a whole new treat sensation. Mixing just the top flavors of fall in to new treats can really mean the sky is the limit when it comes to e-liquid options during this season.