WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Cost Effectiveness of Allowing Employees to Vape

Vaping has become a phenomenon, as many are kicking their smoking habits and trading them in for a different alternative to get their nicotine intake. With this new method comes new controversies.

Many employers, depending upon the state, really don't have the right to ban vaping because it isn’t traditional smoking, though that doesn't stop some from trying. In the grand scheme of things, employers need realize the cost effectiveness to let their employees' vape on the job. It may sound strange, but here are a few ways that vaping can save a company money.

Nicotine Gives a Calming Effect

Because nicotine is known for its calming effect, employees that vape vs. smoking have their stress reduced. Stress and tension can be a big part of downtime. Employees who are overwhelmed will do anything but what they're supposed to do. By simply allowing them to vape at their cubicle or go and sit in an employee lounge; they can blow off some steam and then be ready to get back to work.

Saves on Cleaning Bills

There’s nothing more unsightly than an ashtray. Ashtrays smell awful and they look even worse. A company has to pay a janitorial person to clean up the mess from smokers. Even the best employees are known to throw “buts” around. Think of the money the company could save if their employees switched to vaping. There would be no cigarette-buts, no messy ashes being flicked everywhere and no overwhelming container overflowing with the waste. Vaping is an efficient way to keep the area clean.

Reduced Employee Downtime

How many smoke breaks does a person need in one day? If a business has employees that are constantly getting up to go outside and smoke, they're not working as hard as they could be. Rather than having employees keep going outside when they need to smoke, they can vape on the inside while they work. Sure, they've to take their normal breaks and have some downtime, but most companies are paying for a whole lot of downtime to those who cannot resist the urge to light up.

So it’s easy to see that vaping can be beneficial in saving the company money. Employees who've high stressful jobs can benefit from vaping wherever they are. It’s time to stop thinking that vaping is smoking; the two are vastly different, especially in the workplace.