WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

3 Quick Reasons You Shouldn’t Store E-Liquid Bottles in the Fridge

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The proper way to store your e-liquids are really simple. If you're an experiecned vaper, then chances are you may know the ways already. However, there are some debates about whether it's a smart move or not to store your e-liquid bottles in the fridge. With that said, here are three reasons why you shouldn't store them there.

Reason #1: Light and Heat: The nicotine in your e-juice is sensitive to light and heat, so basically, you need to store it in a dark, cool place. People tend to think about the refrigerator when they find out about this. However, it's much better if you store your liquid at or just below the room temperature rather than the fridge. This is because it's ideal and the fridge tends to have lights in it, so it is not so 'dark'. If you don't keep your e-liquid from heat and light, it can lose its flavor and freshness faster. Also, the room temp and the fridge temp are totally different. You need to keep them, yes in a cool and dark palce, but the overall temperature needs to be at standard room temp or very close to it.

Reason #2: Flavor Change: Concentrated flavors can change due to certain circumstances. Another reason why you shouldn't store your e-liquid in the fridge, because sometimes refrigeration might cause re-crystallization of flavors; particularly to those that have lots of crystals in them. So, if you love the flavors, you should look for another way to store them.


Reason #3: Creates Condensation: In the headspace above the e-liquid, water condenses out onto the wall. If there's any microbial material in the air of the refrigerator, which's highly likely, then this microbial bacteria will grow and breakdown to destroy your e-liquid.

As you can see, storing your e-liquid bottles in the fridge isn't necessary, as storing them in a dark and cool cupboard will be better. Also, storing them in a plastic bottle isn't advised as it's better to use a glass bottle so it doesn't leach the harmful plastic chemicals into the e-liquid. Again, storing e-liquids properly will ensure their natural flavors last longer without worrying about microbial materials getting into them.

Now after reading this article, you might ask yourself, where are you currently storing your e-liquids or going to be storing them now?