WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Our Top 3 E-Liquids for the Springtime Season!

Spring is about new beginnings in all forms of our ways of life. It’s time we clean out the tastes in our vaping device of the cinnamons and gingers of winter and pick up something more seasonally appropriate. With all of the unusual flavors that’re presented to us on a routine basis, it can be laborious to narrow down a different e-juice that you should try. We get sensory overload just browsing through the selections. You know you’re ready for something new this season but haven't quite settled on a flavor yet. You want something that’ll grow into your new steady preference for the next few months.

Here at My Freedom Smokes, we narrowed down a few flavors that you already recognize and love but may not have tested in a vapor.

Our initial recommendation for spring is Raspberry Lemonade. If you’re hoping to experience something that’s refreshing and familiar, then this is worth a try. It possesses a moderate yet pleasant sweet and sour tingle in your throat, with just the appropriate amount of fresh berry. It’ll remind you of that lemonade stand you always wished to establish as a young kid. It has an equal blend of both notes and just enough tart to produce a smirk. We carry it in a vast variation of nicotine strengths to satisfy vapers out there. We further have a no nicotine preparation for those who’re vaping strictly for the flavor. 

If Raspberry Lemonade is not for you, how about a fresh off the vine Grape? This is an intense solo style that is a classic. Pack up your best device you can slip into a lightweight coat. Take a road trip with a friend somewhere you both always wanted to visit. Catch up while vaping on a flavor you both know and love. Enjoy this occasion and try it in an array of nicotine concentrations for both of your tastes. 

The third option for spring is Cotton Candy! What’s better than a carnival on a nice spring day? Close your eyes as you vape and imagine being back on the Ferris wheel. This intriguing taste has all the sweet you desire without becoming sticky. It has none of the calories, or the toothache. 

Now you can see why spring is all about cleaning out what's old in your life and bringing in the new. It’s the ideal time for appreciating what nature has to offer and gaining unique experiences you never sought before. While you’re picking out a new flavor, check out a new vaping device as well!