WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Super Bowl Sunday E-Liquids from My Freedom Smokes

 Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is a national "holiday" that revolves around three things: football, friends, and indulgence. In addition to the traditional beer and appetizer buffet, consider impressing your vaping friends by adding special, game-day e-liquids from My Freedom Smokes into the mix. The following e-juices are guaranteed to make your Super Bowl Sunday even more relaxing and a lot more flavorful.

Carolina Panthers fans can root for the win with the smooth, mellow flavor of My Free Smokes' signature series e-liquid Carolina Tobacco. This solid tobacco-flavored e-liquid provides a slightly rich throat hit of true tobacco leaf, but you’ll find that the vapor comes down a bit sweeter, which’ll pair well with salty Super Bowl snacks and may be useful in brightening up any stressful moments should the Panthers find themselves down on their luck. This e-liquid is great for whether you've ever been a cigarette smoker or not - the palatable blend is close to the true, woodsy essence of tobacco with a bright, fresh undertone.

Colorado, known to some beer geeks as "mecca," is home to the Denver Broncos, so fans of this team would be at home cheering them on with the MFS Premium Beer E-Liquid. Drinking beer AND vaping beer? Only double the fun for this party Sunday. This e-liquid vapes rich and heavy with wonderfully tangible notes of hops and barley, finishing off with a smooth, malty flavor in which you can almost taste the carbonation. This affordable e-juice tastes like a delicious craft brew at a bottom shelf price. (Bonus: if you're worried about a Monday morning hangover at work, vape this e-juice instead. Some say it's as good as the real thing.)

If you're not from either state and you find yourself sitting on the fence of who you're rooting for, the most we can hope for is a seriously epic battle of a football game. For that, why not honor the occasion by indulging in Suicide Bunny Sucker Punch. This is an all-game vape of smooth, sweet cream and notes of tropical fruit--exotic, silky, and flavorful, providing big, milky clouds that bite off clean. The mellow feel of this vape belies its name, but the creamy, sweet (but not too sweet) taste will win you over with its understated complexity. The juice will also provide a nice alternative to the salty carb-fest that sure to occur on Super Bowl Sunday.

Gone are the days of the rushed porch smoke breaks or missing the half-time show to get your fix in--these quality e-juices smell and taste amazing and will kick your Super Bowl party up a notch, adding an extra element of variety and refined taste to your Super Bowl Sunday.