WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The E-liquid Tank Experience

 filling your tank

Certain e-liquids can damage your tank system simply because specific e-liquid flavors and tank systems don’t mix. A vaping enthusiast may be knowledgeable in refilling their tanks but problems can still occur based on the type of liquid.

Polycarbonate tanks are often affected from highly acidic liquids found in fruit flavors because they are made of plastic. Orange and pineapple flavors are the most common liquids that damage tanks. Interestingly enough cinnamon flavors have also been found to damage your vaping device. The best solution has been determined to purchase a glass or metal tank system; they’re more durable to these acidic flavors. 

Basically, specific flavors of e-liquids can crack the plastic tank systems and destroy your vaping device. Flavors high in malic acid and citric acid will definitely destroy your system. Some other examples of e-liquid flavors that’re highly acidic are grape, mango, banana, lime, lemon, and grapefruit.

There are also health concerns that could possibly affect your vaping experience when using a polycarbonate tank. There has been evidence that polycarbonate bottles leak Bisphenol A into your drink; this harmful chemical can be linked to cardiovascular disease. Polycarbonate manufacturers have been known to use this chemical in the production of containers for drinks. It’s a general assumption that BPA leaks into your e-liquid when using a polycarbonate tank system.

Honestly, the best solution to solve this problem is to buy a vape with a glass tank system and this’ll resolve all your problems. Some e-liquids and glass tanks are simply incompatible. If you do choose to use a polycarbonate tank your options will be greatly limited to non-acidic flavors. However, the best answer is to avoid polycarbonate tanks all together for your own safety.

A spill can damage your vaping device; especially the battery. Once a spill occurs, your battery life will be greatly reduced causing your device to die faster. You can also stain your clothing and furniture permanently; it never comes out.

Glass tanks have been an overall better experience for all serious vaping enthusiasts.