WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Safe E-Liquid Storage Tips For Summer

Great summer weather is the perfect excuse to get outdoors and have fun. Sunshine and good times go together perfectly with vaping. That being said, the heat can beat you sometimes. Without proper planning a heat filled day can easily go wrong. Your e-liquid is no exception to this rule! However, do not fear! With some clever planning, you can make sure your fun in the sun isn’t spoiled by the heat.

The biggest concern while you’re out and about soaking up the sun, enjoying the warm weather, is the warmth itself. Your e-liquids are sensitive materials, crafted with care by your favorite shop. Therefore, they should be carefully stored in a cool, dry place to retain their flavor & nicotine potency. The liquid itself may also become runny if left in high temperatures for too long.

Some places you may normally keep e-liquids may not be the most ideal spots during the summertime. Your car, for example, is a terrible place to leave your precious juice. Even if the temperature outside is as low as 80°F, inside your vehicle the temperatures are rising quickly on a warm summer day. Just like you would never leave a pet, or child in a warm car, never leave e-liquid in any enclosed space that will be exposed to the hot sun.

Ultra Violet Rays are another enemy of the vapor enthusiast’s liquid collection. Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause many of the same problems that heat does to e-liquid. Ask at your local shop if they offer UV protected glass containers for your liquids, as this can significantly help reduce the risk of accidentally leaving your juices in the sunlight. If you can't find them locally, try looking online! Remember that this will only help protect your liquid from being exposed to the sunlight, not the effects of heat. Regardless of the container, it is generally a good rule of thumb to leave your liquids in a nice shady spot.

You may be wondering if it’s okay to cool your liquids, like in a cooler or refrigerator. In theory this sounds like a good idea, but in practice not so much. Refrigerating your e-liquids can have the same effects on flavor as leaving them in the hot sunshine. Cooling liquids too much can cause them to begin to freeze, and change constancy. Condensation may also begin to form on the inside of the container and dilute your mixture with water.

So how can you prevent a vaping disaster on your perfect day outdoors? Only bring the amount of liquids you’ll be needing during your time outside. There’s no need to bring your entire supply of that favorite summertime flavor. Get an extra UV glass container to keep your tag along liquid in. Consider purchasing a small carrying case to hold all your equipment that will keep it out of light. (preferably made with a light colored fabric, avoid black & other dark colors that absorb more heat)

Just as you would pack an umbrella, and other essentials for your summertime activities, preparing your e-liquids for this summer is a must do for any vaper. The heat, and ultra violet light from the sun can be dangerous in excess to not only you, but your many delicious summertime flavors. Stay shaded this season so you can blow clouds with peace of mind!