WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The E-Liquid Name Game



One of the most important things to consider, when discussing product naming, is the human need to be individual without being isolated. Everyone wants to see themselves as having certain traits that make them unique, without being so different as to seem abnormal. This can lead to a desire to buy products that reinforce a certain image.

For vaping users, this could mean purchasing certain e-liquids to fit a personality trait. For example, someone who enjoys an edgy aesthetic and sees himself as a ladies man may be drawn to an e-liquid line like Suicide Bunny. The taste of the liquid is immaterial. What matters is that it fits into particular groups the user sees themselves as belonging too. This helps reinforce identity, while also giving the feeling of having products tailored to the user. This also helps with choosing blends. For example "Sucker Punch" mixes the flavors of bold dragonfruit and sweet cream. It may not be easy for users to decide if that particular combination of flavors are what they want, if it were simply presented as "Fruit and Cream." However, by attaching a name to it that the users can identify with, it makes them more likely to buy it. This can be a big draw for long-time users, who're used to buying generic brands.

Over time, they may wish to branch out and try more complex e-liquids. They may not have a good sense of what flavors mix, and so will gravitate towards e-liquids with names that speak to them more than anything else. Likewise, new users may have little idea of what flavors they would like at all, and so, in turn, will also tend to buy products with names that speak to their personalities. As they grow accustomed to the flavor of the e-liquid, they’ll likely form a preference for the flavors they started with. As such, not only will they originally buy based on name, but continue to do so.

Ultimately, while flavor's important, the choice to make the purchase will be made based upon the product's unique name and branding.