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Crazy Rich Vapers and Their High End Vape Mods

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Like Nick’s family in Crazy Rich Asians, some vapers have more money than they know what to do with – and have to come up with some pretty creative ways to spend it

There are fat cats and plutocrats vaping around the world right now: Some have high end vapes worth more than small houses and fast cars. But if you thought $100-$400 was too much to pay for a vape pen or tank system, you're sure to reconsider after discovering rarefied areas of the vapers' market. If you are crazy rich, MyFreedomSmokes suggests you donate funds to people who buy 100 Smok vapes for the price of your one bejeweled vape.

Vapers are much like their smoking predecessors; back in the days of bejeweled cigarette holders and diamond-encrusted cigarette cases, cigarettes were as much a status symbol accessory as broaches and bangles. With the emergence of scientific data pointing to electronic cigarettes and vaporizers as safer alternatives to combustibles, the accessory has changed. However the lifestyles of the rich and famous stay the same, and they want to stand out from the rest with status symbols and fashion statements.


Made of Money: 2018's Priciest High End Vape Mods in Order

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In this post, we'll be checking out the most expensive vapes that the obscenely wealthy can throw money at. It's worth noting that some are one-off custom jobs not available in the public market, but they exist nonetheless. Whether in commemoration of a designer's fifth year in the business or commissioned for a girlfriend with discriminating taste, here are the most exorbitant vape mods in existence.

  • Gepetto Elite V2 for $2,500 The Elite V2 is made by Polish designer and manufacturer Gepetto, renowned for handcrafting and mass-producing their vape mods using rare and exquisite wood types. While Elite V2s sell with $1,000 price tags, each one released ignites a furious bidding war, easily driving the price of each up to well over $2,500 (or 9,200 Polish Zloties).
  • Otto Carter Vape Mod for $3,000 Texas engraving legend Otto Carter does most of his work on firearms, but is always looking for new ways and new mediums by which he can perfect his craft. Each of his vape mods are made the Otto Carter way; using precious metals, each hand-chiseled and no two finished products identical. Vapers get a beautiful mod to call their own every time -- and if you actually fork over the funds, you can take comfort in knowing there won't be another one like it anywhere in the world.
  • Top Hat Mods Ti26650 for $10,000 the guys at Top Hat Mods have been making vapes for a long time, and most of them within the standard price range of $50-$300. The Ti26650 is another story altogether; with a titanium frame, ultra comfortable design and unique aesthetic, the $10,000 price tag is a sure-fire way to let a company know you appreciate their brand and products. Top Hat Mods must be doing something right, because there are plenty of vapers coughing up the cash.
  • SX350J Dual Mod by Magic Valley Vapors for $109,000 rumor has it the SX350J Dual Mod was made to showcase the precision and limitless versatility of 3D printing technology -- and if that rumor is true, they've certainly made their point. This is a beautiful piece of hardware using some of the best components on the market, with a shape and design you could stare at for minutes at a time. Its price tag isn't for the faint of heart, but the SX350J lives and sells by the cardinal rule of the ultra-rich: if you're asking for a price, you aren't the Croesus it was made for.
  • Sofia by Shisha Sticks for $887,000 love will make a man do anything for a woman, including buying her a vape for close to a million dollars. This profession of financial eligibility is more of a statement than a vape, covered in 246 2-carat diamonds and a 24-carat gold firing button. There's only one like it in the world, given it was commissioned by a Russian billionaire as a gift to his girlfriend, presumably named Sofia.


Premium Vape Juice: E-Liquids for Expensive Tastes

A wildly elaborate vape mod with an extortionate price tag just wouldn't feel right if vape oil from the corner vape shop were sitting in the tank. Luckily there are high end e-liquids on the market as well, with exquisite flavors and ornate packaging to round out the ensemble. The good news is that the prices aren't nearly as impossible as they are for vape mods -- so you might think of buying some for a special occasion, as we do with bottles of champagne.

  • Creme de la Creme by Philip Rocke Grand Reserve for $24.99 This is a coffee and hazelnut e-liquid selling at $0.83/ml. Creme de la Creme is aged in brandy barrels for 10 weeks, creating an incredible flavor profile for in any celebration.
  • Members Only by High Class Vape Co for $29.99 The most interesting flavor on the list, this e-liquid tastes of ice cream, sugar cookies and strawberries, and goes for $0.99/ml. While it might sound peppy on paper, the flavors come together to produce a surprisingly mellow taste you can savor at length.
  • Castle Long Reserve by Five Pawns for $37.50 This is a winner with sweeter, warmer tones. Featuring just the right proportions of vanilla, roasted almonds, brown sugar, bourbon and coconut, the e-liquid justifies its $1.25/ml price tag with its exquisite flavor. Castle Long Reserve is aged in old oak barrels and released in small batches, so they appear about as quickly as they vanish from the market.


It's Nice Gear if You Can Get It

They say you get as much out of life as you put into it, and the world of vaping is no exception. In terms of their build quality, flavors and ability to draw attention, high end vapes and e-liquids definitely get better the more you're willing to spend on them.