Dripping is a method of vaping electronic cigarettes that provides the best way to get a full, consistent experience. All it takes is for you to add a few drops of the e-liquid right onto the atomizer of the e-cigarette and use a drip tip placed over the atomizer as the channel for the e-liquid to flow through.

A drip tip is a type of mouthpiece that's usually made of metal or plastic that fits right over the atomizer. It provides a safe distance from your lips and the atomizer’s heat, as well as keeps the e-juice from your lips. You'll also need a dropper so that you can drip the e-liquid onto the e-cigarette’s atomizer.

Now with all this said, here are some quick tips for taking care of these important drip tips so that your vaping experience is the best that it can be:

Tip #1: Don’t drip with an automatic battery

You should not use the dripping method if you have an automatic battery unless the battery terminal is sealed. You can tell this by looking for a hole in the terminal that lets air flow through the battery. This is because sometimes a smoker will drip too much e-liquid and that floods the atomizer, and if your battery is sealed, it won’t hurt it, but if not, it can ruin the battery for good.

Tip #2: Watch out for dry atomizers

If you notice the vapor production has lessened, be sure to put in a bit more e-liquid before it runs dry. Otherwise, you will get harsh vapor that will burn your throat, as well as burn up the wick in your e-cigarette.

Tip #3: Heat resistant drip tips are best

If you want protection from burning your lips, get a drip tip made of a material such as Pyrex, acrylics, ceramics or delrin. You can also buy an elongated drip tip so as to lengthen the space between your lip and the tip.

Tip #4: Clean drip tips regularly

Be sure to keep your drip tips clean by placing them into hot, soapy water or using alcohol wipes to get rid of any gunk and keep them free of germs. However, if your drip tip is made of acrylic, too much expose to alcohol can damage it and cause it to crack.

So, if you want a better vaping experience, be sure to follow these tips properly.