If you’re vaping on a regular basis and spending more money than you would like pursing euphoria, building your own coils will save you money. How much? If you’re using two coils a week, you’re probably spending about $12/week. If you build your own coils to install in your atomizer, a 100-foot roll of resistance wire will cost your about $8.00 and make close to 200 coils. Add a 130-count box of sterile cotton balls from Walmart for $7 to use for wicking material and you’ve reduced your cost of the coils from dollars to pennies.

Be forewarned, there are certain risks involved when building an electrical device like a vaporizer coil. You can reduce the risks by using the recommend equipment and supplies and following normal safety procedures.

First and foremost, you’ll need a good ohm reader to measure the desired resistance in the wire before installing the coil atomizer. Don’t even attempt to build and use coils without one.

In building the coil itself, you’ll need the following: resistance wire, small screwdriver, small butane torch, pliers and tweezers.

Once you’ve assembled your supplies, start by cutting a 4-5 inch piece of wire. Hold the wire at one end with tweezers or pliers. Light the torch and apply flame to the other end of the wire until it begins to glow orange. Slowly move the torch down the entire length of the wire unit it is thoroughly heated. Let the wire cool, than repeat the process beginning from the other end. This oxidizing process makes the wire more pliable and easier to work with.

Now you’re ready to wrap the wire around the screwdriver blade to form the coil. Lay the length of wire along the top of the blade. Secure the end with your thumb by pressing it against the screwdriver handle. Wrap the wire tightly around the screwdriver blade 8 times (it that is your target number) to form the coil. Release the wire end from under your thumb and bend it so that it is parallel to and faces the same direction as the other lead. Pull that end tight if there appears to be any slack in the coil. Once tightened, the coil’s now complete. However, DO NOT remove from the screwdriver blade until you’re ready to install it in your RDA atomizer.

For the beginners and those still new to the vaping world, there are numerus tutorial videos on YouTube that you can watch to follow the procedure described above step-by-step.