WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

The Proper Ways For Breaking in a Brand New Coil

using a new coil 



The most important part of getting back to your normal vaping experience after replacing your coil (or getting a new clearomizer) is learning how to properly break in your new coil. A few simple steps will let you easily bring your coil back to full performance. The techniques are fairly similar across all types of vapes, with a few key differences.

To start, you'll need to fill your tank completely with e-liquid. This ensures that the wick becomes saturated, and there is a smaller chance of getting an unpleasant, dry hit on your first few pulls. This step is the same regardless of your device of choice, whether it's a Mod or a portable vape.

Next, you need to prime your coil. This requires you to take a few dry hits. Dry hits are hits where you don't turn on the battery before pulling. This means the e-liquid will travel into the wick, saturating it and making sure that your hits are filled with vapor once you do turn the battery on. Depending on your vape type, this can take quite a few pulls. Double coil vapes (more commonly found in MODs) will take upwards of five pulls. Single coil vapes can also take this many, but could be fewer. Either way, if you're uncomfortable dry pulling, there's a way to bypass this step. If you've a syringe and some of the e-liquid or some plain vegetable glycerin, you can artificially saturate the wick, allowing you to begin vaping without dry pulling.

The final step is to take some quick, low-voltage hits. If you apply too much power to the un-warmed and maybe not completely saturated coil, you might get some weird-tasting hits to start. This is due to the e-liquid not being properly warmed by the coil, which in turn has been overcome with power due to the sudden pulling after little to no battery warmup time. If you take a few low-voltage hits very quickly, the coil will be completely warmed up. The number of quick hits you've to take will depend on the size and power of your vape.

There may be some modifications to these steps, especially if you've a MOD. MODs have unique parts that may require special attention. Barring that, following these steps will let you break in your new coil with style and enjoy your vaping experience just like you never had to change it in the first place.