WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Batteries & Chargers Info

Standard Voltage

This category contains your standard electronic cigarette / personal vaporizer batteries.  Basic and simple, they are easy to operate and generally don't have any bells and whistles.  They provide a consistent  experience by always putting out the same voltage and are usually cheaper in comparison to the more advance batteries available.  


Variable Voltage

This category contains all batteries with variable voltage capabilities.  By adjusting the voltage of the battery the user can customize and fine tune their vaping experience.  With all other factors being equal, turning the voltage up will cause the heating element (coil) inside the tank or atomizer to burn hotter, which usually provides a fuller, warmer vape.  Experienced users have also noticed that some flavors may change slightly or just taste a little better at different temperatures, so being able to change the voltage allows them to dial in just the right flavor and vapor production.  However, since the coil is wrapped around a wick on the inside of the tank or atomizer, if the voltage is set too high (or if there is not enough liquid or airflow to keep the coil cool) then it can burn the wick, which results in a very bad taste and possibly permanent damage to the wick causing the taste to linger.  If this occurs it is best to turn the voltage down immediately and wait a minute or two for the coil to cool before taking another puff.  Another downside to variable voltage is that when changing to a different tank or atomizer, or even just replacing the coil in the same tank, the user will likely have to dial the voltage in again optimize taste and vapor production.  This is especially true if the new atomizer or tank has a different resistance since the resistance also effects the temperature at which the coil heats up.


Variable Wattage

Adjusting the wattage can provide a similar fine tuning of the vaping experience as adjusting the voltage, but wattage can be a little more difficult to understand than voltage.  Once you know how it works it seems simple and is preferred by many users due to the consistent experience it provides.  Essentially, wattage is a function of the voltage output of the battery and the resistance of the coil in the tank or atomizer.  However the voltage and resistance relate to wattage in different ways.   Voltage and wattage have a positive correlation, so an increase in voltage from the battery results in an increase in the overall wattage.  On the flip side, resistance and wattage have an inverse relationship, so a decrease in resistance of the coil results in an increase in the overall watage.  What this means for the user is that with a variable wattage battery they can set their wattage to a level that provides the perfect vaping experience and the battery will automatically adjust the voltage output based on the resistance of the coil so that this experience remains the same.  This remains true even if the user changes the tank or atomizer to a completely different product with a different resistance.  The battery will simply turn the voltage up or down so that the wattage is the same and therefore the coil burns at the same temperature and provides the same taste and vapor production.  The user can still turn the wattage up or down if they prefer, but most users tend to fine tune their device for optimal output and end up adjusting it much less often than with a variable voltage battery.


USB Passthrough

There are two main types of passthrough batteries, those that only work while plugged into a USB port and those that function like a normal battery but can still be used while charging.  This category includes both types of products and they both have their advantages.  

Passthroughs that only work while plugged into a USB port may sound like an inconvenience, but they are perfect for someone that spends a lot of time behind a computer, driving in a vehicle, or really anywhere that there is a usb port.  Since lithium batteries have a lifetime based on the number of times they are recharged, it makes sense for someone that is stationary for long periods to use a this type of passthrough battery during these times.  By doing so they are not depleting their portable electronic cigarette's lithium battery and therefore do not have to recharge it as often so it ends up lasting them longer.  Also, these types of passhtroughs are known for being extra reliable and having a very long lifespan themselves.

There are also passthrough batteries that function just like a normal battery, but with the added capability of allowing the user to keep vaping on them while they are charging.  Most batteries require the user to remove the tank or atomizer to connect the battery to the charger, which means it is out of commission while charging.  Therefore, many starter kits come with multiple batteries so that the user can use one battery while the other is charging (charging time varies, but often ranges from 2-6 hours).  With this type of passthrough battery this hassle is eliminated by allowing the user to simply plug a usb cable directly into the battery without having to remove the atomizer or tank.  Therefore, this is a great option for someon looking to put together an inexpensive device as they can often get by with only having one battery instead of two or more.  However, it should be noted that it is not recommended that users keep their battery plugged in every time they are near a usb port.  Since these types of batteries contain lithium cells, their lifespan is based on the number of times they are recharged.  By constantly charging them the user would be siginificantly reducing the lifespan of the battery.  Instead it is best to use the battery as normal and only recharge when power has been well depleted.


Mod Batteries

Batteries in this category are specifically made to fit in mod devices.  They are essentially lithium or hybrid cells in various sizes and capacities.  Because of the numerous variations it is important to take note of the specifications of the battery to make sure it is compatible with your device.  



Just what you would imagine here, these are all the various chargers for the different types electronic cigarette batteries we sell.  Also included in this category are the adapters for different types of outlets.  It is possible to damage a battery by using the incorrect charger, so please take care in choosing one that is compatible with your electronic cigarette.  Please check that the charger, battery, and wall adapter (if used) have input/output amounts are compatible with one another.  Use of incorrect chargers and/or adapters (even if they will fit the battery) will void warranty and may cause battery to fail, become defective, or even explode.  If you have any questions in this regard please feel free to contact us and we can point you in the right direction.