WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit

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The new Aspire Quick Start K-Series is an awesome lineup of three starter kit models, the K2, K3 and K4.


The Aspire K3 Quick Start Kit

Sitting in between the K2 and K4 in terms of size, power and juice capacity, the Aspire K3 offers the benefits of both other Aspire Quick Starts kits; it’s become the most popular of the three because it strikes the perfect balance.  The K3 Aspire vapor kit holds a full 2mL of juice in its 18mm tank, plenty for most all-day vapers. And its 1.8 ohm OCC Kanthal coil is designed for the high-pg, high nicotine e-juice that new vapers use to emulate analogs as they get into vaping.  The tank has a fixed airflow system; perfectly designed for an analog-like draw. The Aspire K3 Quick Starter Kit setup is perfect for mouth to lung vaping and will give beginners all the satisfaction of an analog cig without all the yucky smoke.


Although larger than the super slim K2, the K3 Aspire vapor kit is still very small; it slides effortlessly into a pocket or purse and doesn’t get in the way.  With its 1200mAh, microUSB charge battery, the K3 is perfectly suited to all day vaping and regular use, and its sharp carbon fiber finish, available in pink and black, maintains that distinctive Aspire flair.


If you’re a new vaper looking for an unfussy device that will introduce you to the e-cigarette lifestyle, the Aspire K3 Quick Starter Kit is one of the best choices available.  And, if you’re an experienced vaper looking for a backup that ready to go at all times, grab a K3 and tuck it away for when you need to switch up juice or recharge.



Aspire K3 Quick Starter Kit Specs and Features:


  • 132mm x 18mm
  • 2mL Juice capacity
  • Stainless steel tank with fixed airflow
  • 1200 mAh battery (microUSB charge)
  • Single button opperation
  • Includes 2x 1.8 ohm OCC coil
  • Perfect for beginners (analog-like vaping)
  • microUSB passthrough charging
  • Full protection suite


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Brand Aspire
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