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Asmodus Oni Edition 133W DNA200 TC Mod in 101-200 Watt

Asmodus Oni Edition 133W DNA200 TC Mod

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Asmodus Oni Edition 133W DNA200 TC Mod in 101-200 Watt

Asmodus Oni Edition 133W DNA200 TC Mod

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Asmodus Oni Edition 133W DNA200 TC Mod


The Player Oni Edition allows for full constomization with an official Evolv DNA200 chip. The Oni Edition Player's DNA 200 chip provides Escribe software compatibility (computer required) to grant access to any updates as well as further modifications of the chip. 

Escribe is a very powerful software with endless possibilities with things like screen themes and is the perfect chip to use the extremely verastile Oni Edition Player Mod. The Player Oni Edition DNA200 features a very unique interchangeable battery type ability. The battery port frame that utilizes (2) 18650 batteries (which caps at 133watts) batteries not included can be removed and can be replaced with a LiPo battery pack. Changing to a LiPo pack, with the power of the Escribe software, allows the Player to be boosted to 200 watts! 

The Player's customization does not end there. The Oni Edition Player has a totally customizable body: the door, main body, frame, face plate, and buttons can all be changed to fit your personal preference. This truly creates a mod that is ultimately tailored to fit your preferences. Step up your game and become a Player.

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Available in black and red, chrome, and gold,


Specs & Features:


  • Equipped with a T6061 Aluminum Body for lightweight control and functionality
  • Featuring a powerful official DNA200 chip
  • Equipped with escribe software for full customization of the device, including screen themes and more
  • Functional with interchangeable battery types
  • Offers full temperature control: 200-600
  • Offering full body customization
  • Built-in protections like reverse battery protection, temperature protection, and preheat function



Featuring a strong, instantaneous vape, this product features the DNA chip, which contributes to a more accurate and pure vaping experience. One of the most unique things about this vape is the Escribe software. Although there’s a computer required to access updates and additional modifications to the system, Escribe offers dozens of different possibilities – ranging from screen themes to player mod alterations.


What’s more, this unique little vape pen offers fully interchangeable battery types. While batteries aren’t included in the package, the standard batteries for this model can be removed and replaced with a LiPo battery pack for updated functionality and enhanced battery life. In fact, altering the vape’s included batteries and swapping them out for a LiPo pack allows you to boost the vape to a massive 200 watts.


This piece comes in a variety of color options. Accented with an ancient Japanese “Oni” spirit figure blowing smoke, this unique little vape pen has a different look than many other things on the market. But don’t worry – the fun doesn’t end there: you can also change the look of the door, frame, body, faceplate, and buttons! Perfect for anyone who wants a fully customizable vape that can be modified in dozens of ways, this is a fantastic vape for anyone who wants to take it to the next level and enjoy a more sophisticated vaping experience. Plus, all the cool modernizations will make you the standout among your vaping friends.



While this vape is on the larger side and does take some getting used to, this vape is short and fat and stands out as one of the best DNA200 products on the market today.


Professional Review & Rating:

“Metal body with a plastic insert. It’s got a magnetic door…and a nice pull string to get it out of there.”

“It’s using that DNA200 software we all know and love.”

“You can have the escribe customization to really get the perfect vape for your personal experience.”

“Instantaneous, perfect, consistent vape – anytime.”

“It’s a great vaping experience.”


Specs & Features:

  • T6061 Aluminium body
  • OLED screen
  • Powered by an official DNA200 chip
  • Escribe software: Allows customization of device with things like screen themes
  • Interchangeable battery types
  • Temperature control range: 200-600 
  • Full body customization
  • Reverse battery protection
  • Temperature protection
  • Preheat function


Quick Answers!

  • Does this include a battery? No, it does not. This kit requires x2 18650 batteries in order to run. If you are in need of mod batteries, please visit THIS LINK.
  • Does this include a tank? No, it does not. If you are in need of a tank, we advise selecting one from THIS LINK.
  • Do I need anything else with this kit? Since this is only the mod; it does not include a battery or tank.
  • Is it Temp Controlled? Yes it is
  • What threading does this have? This has 510 threads on the mod.
  • Will this work with my tank? Any 510 threaded tank with a resistance of 0.1ohm or higher will work.
  • Can I use an RDA /RTA with this? Yes you can, as long as your build is 0.1ohm or higher.

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