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Smok Pyrex Bottom Coil (PBC) Tank - V1 6.0ml



The SmokTech Pyrex Bottom Coil Tank Clearomizer is a beautiful bottom coil clearomizer (BCC) featuring a pyrex glass tank

The version 1 is the largest of the two PBC tanks available and it holds approximately 6.0ml of e-liquid, making it the largest Pyrex glass tank that we currently carry

It offers the same great features and performance as other bottom coil clearomizers but with the introduction of a strong pyrex glass tank and solid stainless steel construction. The PBC Tank is 510 threaded and will work on any eGo style battery or Mods that have 510 threads.  When using with an eGo style battery users may want to add a large eGo Thread Cover (DCT/Nova Base) to finish the look and provide extra stability

Since the SmokTech Pyrex Bottom Coil Tank is made with a Pyrex glass tank instead of high density plastic, it is perfect for use with abrasive liquids such as the cinnamon red hots and spearment flavored e-liquids that often cause problems by reacting with the plastics used in standard clearomizers.

Also, the bottom feed design makes the PBC Tank great for use with thicker liquids.  Since gravity helps keep the wick saturated thicker liquids (higher VG content) can be used without getting the dreaded dry/burnt hits that are common with many tanks.

Replacement Coil Heads for this product can be found here: SmokTech Bottom Coil Replacement Heads (5pk)

How to Use your SmokTech Pyrex Bottom Coil Tank:

  • To fill, turn the tank upside down and remove the threaded end cap.  Fill the outer portion of the tank (avoid getting e-liquid into the center airflow tube).  Screw the head and wick assembly onto the threaded end cap tightly then screw the end cap onto the tank tightly.  You can now turn it rightside up and check for leaks before using.
  • Gurgling or Leaking can occur if liquid gets into the center airflow tube.  To clear this liquid and improve performance remove the tank from the battery and blow through the mouthpiece into a paper towel.  The excess liquid will come out of the threaded end of the device.  If this happens often you may need to check that all connections are screwed down tightly or replace the head and wick assembly with a new one.
  • The head and wick assembly will sometimes loosen itself when the threaed end cap is unscrewed.  Always check that it is screwed on tightly before replacing the threaded end cap.  Not doing so could result in a leaking or non-working device.
  • You should never run the tank completely dry.  Doing so could result in a burnt or damaged wick and can cause leaking.  Refill the tank when the liquid level reaches approximately 1/3 full
  • The lifespan of replacement heads can vary quite a bit, but following the above instructions will maximize the lifespan of the coil.
Recommended Voltage for varying resistance levels:
  • 1.7-1.9ohm  -  3.1-3.3V
  • 2.1-2.3ohm  -  3.4-3.7V
  • 2.4-2.6ohm  -  3.8-4.1V
  • 2.6-3.0ohm  -  4.2-4.5V
*The above recommendations are merely a guideline.  Personal preference as well as specific set ups, hardware, liquids, etc. can have an effect on the proper Voltage to use.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Update to my Update

    Posted by Lloyd N on 1st Apr 2014

    In my last update I stated Smok and Smoktech were different companies. I was wrong. They are the same company. It's smok tec that is a different company. Smok tec is a vendor that sells smoktech products. Damm confusing!

  2. Update from LLoyd N

    Posted by Lloyd N on 1st Apr 2014

    I noticed on one of the reviews that they were having a leaking problem with this tank.I have been using this tank for quite a while now and the only times I have had a leaking or gurgling issue was when my wick assemble had become loose. Simply open the tank and screw down the wick assembly until it is tight. Now, provided you do not have a cracked glass or a completely messed up wick you should not have an issue. I also referred to this tank as a smok tech. I now know that Smok and Smok tech are different companies. The maker of this tank is Smok.

  3. I'm very happy with it.

    Posted by Rory on 26th Mar 2014

    I was using a Smok Pyrex dual coil cartomizer tank with single coil cartos before this. This is much easier to fill, has better flavor and fits my Nemesis better. It uses Protank heads, so with the help of a Youtube video, it's also rebuildable. I'm only giving it 4 stars because of the fact it's so easy to get it stuck on your mod. There is nothing to grip, so you have to be very carfull not to over tighten it. Also they got a lttle crazy with the air channels, so it's very airy. If the bottom cap was knurled and just flat on the bottom it would be perfect.

  4. Nice but....

    Posted by Kim Kaiser on 21st Mar 2014

    This is my first "big" tank. I like it, I do, but I've noticed some leaking/gurgling issues with it. Seems more prevalent when it's about 1/4 full or water vapor that accumulates in the tip area. I've had juice at the top area too and just no real idea why this would even happen. The tip fit seems a little off as I can rock it side to side. Getting the bottom off, to fill it, can be a real chore if you put it on tight as there are no knurls to give it some grip. I usually have to use a screwdriver. All in all I'm not sure it's REALLY that much more convenient than my Aspires. They're a smaller tank but less "hassle".

    *Reply from Alex*
    All tanks will leak if they get too low, so that seems pretty normal what you are experiencing. Just try to keep it a bit more filled.

  5. Love this

    Posted by molly milley on 20th Mar 2014

    I live this tank!
    It doesn't leak!
    You don't have to constantly refill juice!
    My freedom smokes has excellent shipping practices!

  6. Not quite a 6ml Tank, closer to 4

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Mar 2014

    I'm coming from the old school stainless CE2's with the tube cut to fit into a proprietary tank that holds over 5ml. That tank is 25.5mm x 40mm. This tank measures a little over 22mm x40mm. I've filled a syringe with 5ml of liquid and this tank will take four of that 5 which brings it right to the rim of the internal tube. So calling it 6ml is a stretch. Aside from that it seems to work pretty well. No real leak issues, but it can be a little messy to fill since liquid catches in the bottom cap where the atomizer is held. I like it, but I don't love it. It's not the replacement to my CE2 tank set up that I had hoped.

  7. 22mm Diameter Tank

    Posted by Ray on 23rd Feb 2014

    Nice 22mm Wide Tank with an inner pyrex sleeve that won't break as easy if you drop it.

  8. Loving da Tank!

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Feb 2014

    It has exceded ny expectations love not having to fill cartos...I'm a big fan.

  9. The Perfect Tank

    Posted by Unknown on 19th Feb 2014

    This tank provides exactly what I demand: a large e-liquid capacity, great vapor production, and no leakage. The "smoke" color option looks amazing; it conceals the liquid just enough to look aesthetically pleasing, but is translucent enough to know when it needs refilling. This is the only tank I use, and it looks and performs impeccably with my silver Provari.

  10. The Perfect Tank

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Feb 2014

    After trying many tanks with leaking problems and lackluster performance -- characterized by diminishing vapor production -- I have finally settled on one that is perfect. The bottom dual coil design replicates dripping, the liquid capacity (more like 5ml, not 6ml) will last me 1-1.5 days between refills, and the pyrex material insulated by the outer plastic shell generates a pure, unadulterated flavor.

Showing reviews 1-10 of 16 | Next

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