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I just started ordering from my freedom smokes. I had ordered an Evic Easy Head and when it arrived it had a problem the customer service at my freedom smokes were very helpful in resolving my issue and were very prompt and very courteous. I will be continuing to do business with MFS. Thanks

Sajan G. - via email


I have been a smoker since I was 15 (I'm 44 now). I have been married to the same man for 20yrs and he is a non-smoker and I use to go outside and smoke but I have cancer for the 4th time (none smoking related) and so my immune system is really low so I can't risk going outside in the cold and getting sick. When I do get out of the house to go to the Dr or occasionally to eat or go to the local Walmart, I would come back in the house and the smell would knock you out! I keep a clean house the best I can due to the medical problems but my house STUNK! So a friend of mine came to get me to go to the Dr last week and we were in her husbands truck and he is a non-smoker so no smoking in the truck. Sheryl brought one for me to try. I fell in love with it. My clothes, hair, house, hubby's truck and my house no longer smell. I have already bought a kit and I love they have so many colors to pick from and so many flavors. It's been a week and I bought 3 flavors so I could try a variety. I am about to place a order here since I cant drive anymore and it's great knowing I can get all I need right here on this website.I have almost 1,700 people on my friends list and I know a lot of them have been looking for something like this so I made a comment and shared the link. This has actually brought me and my hubby closer because he said he doesn't feel like he is kissing a ashtray anymore!!! Thanks for the great product!!!

Becca S. - via E-Mail


I just wanted to write to you and thank you very much for the services you provide to people. I just began vaping and looked all over the internet on where to start. Your site make thngs nice and easy.  I just ordered the end of last week and my order came in just a few days... That is very quick...ESPECIALLY TO HAWAII! Again,  thank you for giving a guy like me a wide range of options even from an island so far away. 

Preston - via email


I am 74 years old and have smoked since i was about10. One year ago i was diagnosed with COPD and knew i had to quit smoking.I found an e-cig and a juice flavor i liked and never looked back. The difference a year has made is amazing! I can breath again without the albuterol inhaler or the nebulizer. I no longer have that hacking smokers cough,no wheezing at night,no stinking ash trays,no after smoke,my breath and clothes my house and my truck no longer smell like cigarette smoke. I am on an excersise program that i couldn't have imagined a year ago and saved a ton of money. I have read that COPD doesn't reverses itself but I'm not entirely convinced of that. The only negative i have found is that my taste buds have awakened  and food taste so much better. : ) My Freedom Smokes have been a big part of this story and will continue to be. Sorry for such a long mail. Keep up the good work 

Arlin B. - via E-Mail


Back in 2010 I tried vaping for me and my mom to quit smoking, but to no avail. The technology at the time wasn't advanced enough, and vaping was messy and a huge hassle.  I decided to give it another go, and today is my 5th day without smoking! Since I was 13 yrs old!! I went from 2 packs a day to nothing, thanks to you guys and the x6 and these awesome new-fangled "clearomizers". woohoo! Tomorrow I'll be placing a big (to me) order for some new tanks and juices, I'm so excited!

You've given me my life and health back, I don't have to die early now. 'Thank you' doesn't even begin to show how grateful I am. I'm sending everyone at MFS a big warm hug through cyberspace.  Keep doing your thing!  (oh and just FYI your Key Lime juice with regular strength flavor and 40% VG is AWESOME! I went through 20+ juices back in 2010 and nothing was even close to this awesome).

Thanks for everything you do, now I'm on a quest to get my whole family to make the switch! They're amazed at how easily I, the heaviest smoker in the family, was able to quit without a single cigarette craving! I'm soooo happy

Vince - via email


Hello. I've been vaporizing for 2 months now avid haven't looked back at smoking. I'm a former 2 pack a day smoker and thanks to vaporizing my energy is back, I feel fantastic and my sleep apnea is near to gone. So thank you for your products. Please feel free to share.

Chris Z. - via email


My Freedom Smokes' customer service was one of the best that I've ever talked to. They quickly resolved my issue with no hassle. I will continue to buy their products and reccomend them to my friends. 

Duncan - via email


I just wanted to say Thank you.  I have been with 4 other e-cig. companies and one of them after not receiving my starter kit after 3mos. I had to go to the BBB  and report them.  I haven't had very good luck with e-cig. website/companies until my mom referred me to your site.  You have E-:Liquid that actually tastes like tobacco, I don't have to buy new batteries every month and I love how I can make my own flavors.  Thank you for having a wonderful E-Cigarette company.  Oh, silly me.  I forgot to say Thank you for the wonderful customer service as well.  I hope everyone at Freedomsmokes has a wonder Labor Day weekend : )

Olga S. - via email


I wanted to take a moment and shoot you guys an email to let you know how impressed I am with your company. Every order I place gets too me way faster than I could ever expect. I have called and spoken with company representatives that are extremely friendly and helpful with any, and all of my needs. Your customer support and products are absolutely incredible. I think everyone should know how outstanding of a business that your crew runs!!! Thanks for everything and I look forward to doing business with you all for years to come.  

Drew C. - via email


Hello- I had to write in and tell you guys what a great company I have found in MFS! I am very very picky, and have tried MANY companies to try to purchase products that were somewhat close to what a real cigarette would taste like. I had a hard time finding one. I spent a LOT of money trying expensive products thinking the more I spent, the better the products would be. None of them were any better than the other. I happened to come across this site, and saw the low prices, and I figured what the heck, I'll give it a try.To my surprise, the products were great, the e-liquid had wonderful tastes, and you could even make the e-liquids to your needs!!! Now I can't say everything was "perfect"..BUT the things i did have issues with were taken care of by Chad, he has some customer service skills that are out of this world! He "fixed" the little issues I had, and made me feel like a valued customer. I would tell anyone who is not sure if this is the company for them- try them! You will never go to or need any other company for you e-cig needs. Thank you all at MFS for all you do and for making me feel special. Vape on!!!

Laura R - via email


I would like to send a personal thank you to Chris and the team at MFS.  After spending hundreds on disposables and kits that were DOA or hit or miss at best, then upgrading to a 510 pen style which worked out tremendously better than the previous wasting of my money to stay off of analogs but still a waste of money in the long run. The local shops here charge 11 bucks for a generic atomizer which may or maynot work and 10 bucks for 10ml of generic juice and the bottles aren't even filled completely. After lurking on various forums I found MFS and placed my order for the EgoC/Vision Clearomizer kit and ordered several different flavors and a spare atomizer and tip for dripping to test flavors. The products I received are all top notch brand name stuff, a great deal of sites are ripping people off by leading one to believe they are getting legit Ego products. Service was lightning fast and the flavors have been amazing. I am completely satisfied with my new PV rig and the Desert Ship mixed with Ry4 is now my go to vape. I ordered all VG juices and they have worked perfectly in the Vision EGO Clearomizer, I have only filled 2 so far one for tobacco juice and one with energy cow and that is very tasty as well. As far as flavors I dripped them all first and sweet tarts was the only one I wasn't crazy about, I loved desert ship, ry4, watermelon, energy cow and watermelon. Thank you so much for taking care of your customers in a timely fashion and providing the best prices and speedy free shipping. I will be shopping here from now on. By the way this was my early Christmas present, I can't think of a better gift than a quality PV!!  Thanks again, Chris

Chris - via Email


I just have to say the juice I've made with your ingredients has been the cleanest tasting juice I've ever tasted.

Tony - Via Email


Firstly, thank you so much. You have been more helpful than i could have hoped for. You guys always do an awesome job over there. Secondly... I am still fairly new to vaping, and MFS was the first company I ever ordered from. I wanted to expand my horizons juice-wise, and try a STRICTLY juice company's product. That was my second purchase, and  my LAST from that company. Their juice did not hold a candle to the (very) few I have tried from you. I'm almost scared to try juice from elsewhere now. With the wealth of misinformation, and parasitic companies (MFSUSA and many others) out there, it's difficult (to say the least) to find a trustworthy company that provides QUALITY products and service all the way around. Kudos.

Tyler - Via Email


I've been vaping NLAs till I got your package yesterday ( about a month ). I was still taking a few puffs of cigs also, but since my Ego arrived, I haven't even craved a cig . I'm gonna throw them out today!! Yay!  I've been smoking for 45 years, so vaping may double my life length. I can smell things now and I have 10X the energy I used to have. Thanks!

Diana - Via Email


Received my eGo-C with CE5 Clearomizer kit, 510-T parts and juice. What a class outfit! They included a handwritten note to warn me against using the eGo charger on the 510 batteries. Would have been easy to look the other way, but no, Chris and his crew are dedicated to their customers.  You've won a lifetime customer, keep up the effort.

Bruce - Via Email


Thank you so much for responding so quickly and efficiently. There are, as you know, many companies to choose from. But so far, MFS has done more than just deliver the "goods". Everything has been top-notch quality and now customer service that listens and responds promptly! That means a lot to me and you can count on my continued patronage! 

Sven - Via Email


As I write this, I am sampling your new Soldiers Blend Menthol. I have also sampled the regular Soldiers Blend.

Here are my opinions:
a) I absolutely love both of these e-liquids.
b) Both have a woody, sweet flavor that is unlike anything I've ever smoked or vaped before.
c) Before I started vaping, my favorite cigarette (made in the '70s and no longer available) was L&M Lights in the blue & white box. It was the only non-mentholated cigarette that I truly liked.  I have searched for something that I liked as much and found nothing--until now.

Both of your blends are, in my opinion, the best tasting nicotine products (tobacco or e-juice) on the market.

Dale - via Email


Have been passing out printouts of your website to friends/neighbors and relatives. Smoke free 16 months now thanks to Ego-t. Mixing my own flavors and passing them out to many. Just hope this site is around because it is turning into my favorite site for the great Ego products. I have tried other sites with the knock offs... Love this site and the products... Will continue to recommend.

Gary D. - Via Order Comments


I just wanted to say, you guys are awsome!  I got my package of goodies today.......had them delivered to a friends house rather my condo complex for safety reasons.  It got here in 1 1/2 days............that is customer service.  Now I will try the goodies and see how things go.  Good service = good word of mouth = returning customer.  Thank you so much!!!!!!!

Marisa B. - Via Email


Dear My Freedom Smokes,

I am 49 years old and it's been too long since I have had the occasion to write a letter to a company to thank them for their great attitudes, super products and exemplary service.

I have been "vaping" for about a year now. I started with disposables that cost $8.99 each at a local pharmacy. A fair percentage of them didn't work at all let alone yield as marketed, "a pack or pack and a half" of "puffs. My next purchase was a starter kit from the same company. Well, the kit was nice and batteries work well but the cartridges didn't provide anywhere near "200-320" puffs per cartridge either. It was getting expensive buying 5 cartridge refills for $12.00 each. I then began purchasing e-juice to do my own refilling. That didnt work real well either. I think I spilled more than I actually got into the small cartridges and then they usually had a "burnt' taste after refilling.

I am an E-Cig Forum member and a friend had told me to check out your company. I spent a whole day looking around at different sites before contacing your company. I wish I had called you first. I was warned that there are a few vendors out there that sell "knock-offs" of the JoyeTech products. Many of them have no labeling on the product or logo. I was skeptical of their basement pricing. I tried to call a few companies with some questions and sent a few e-mails and was not really suprised to get no response, even a day later!

I called My Freedom Smokes and a very nice woman answered the phone on the 3rd ring. I had some question concerning the JoyeTech eGo-C which she was very knowledgeable about. I placed my order on the internet and received a shipping confirmation about an hour later. Late on a Friday afternoon. The big surprise, my new eGo-C arrived on Monday morning and it is nothing short of SPECTACULAR. A well-designed, beautifully engineered piece of equipment that I wish I had ordered a year ago. Your company even included two small bottles of e-cig juice which was a really nice touch.

Great product, no leaks, excellent "vapes", clouds of smoke ( I have tried 7-8 different models over the last year ), great service, great people. Im "hooked". You have a new customer for life.

Thanks for your help, I am very pleased.

Curt C. - Clearwater, Florida


Thanks for the great service so far, you guys are my only vendor for e-cigs.  So far I've talked 4 friends into switching, largely due to the positive experience I've had with MFS and the products you provide.  Thanks again.

Jacob D. - via Order Comment


Before i made my first purchase and received my order today with freedomsmokes.com, i did hours of research AND KNOW THIS COMPANY IS THE BEST IN THE INDUSTRY. Shipping arrived in 2 days, place your order before noon and you will most likely receive your product in 2 days flat. I live 4 states away from there location, received a conformation email within minutes and they had the order on the way a few hours later.

Have only called them twice and each time they answered within 10 seconds, no waiting, transfer, pressing additional buttons. Friendliness and information was prompt and superb! From there reviews and testimonials i knew i would receive a high quality device, (MANY OTHER WEBSITES SEND KNOCK OFFS) I was sceptical if the flavors and empty bottles/droppers were good quality, hours into use for both i can tell you that they both are just as good quality. Lets face it, we all want to save money and improve are health, you will get both and its something new, just like you. i was bored with the same old regular cigarette every day. 

Overall i rate this company 10/10. You may find a few other websites out there with a few more products and flavors, but there prices are much higher and almost all of them were located in china or elsewhere. I'll spend and keep my money in America. Cant wait to place another order with myfreedomsmokes to try more flavors and new products. Finally, within two days of the order i placed they already have new improved products at a great price for the product i bought, so this company seems to keep up with e-cig market and technology.

Kevin B. - Fort Wayne, IN


When I made my order online, I miss-matched some cartridges to atomizers.

You caught my mistake, called me before the order was shipped (I wish I could remember who I talked to) and advised me on the proper cartridges that I should using. Thank you! That is awesome service! Plus, my order was here much sooner than I expected. You guys are great.

Monty via Email


If you smoke tobacco cigarettes, QUIT...while you can; they're killing you! E-cigarettes ('vaping') are the way to still get your 'fix' without all of the negatives associated with tobacco cigarettes.

I smoked conventional tobacco cigarettes (up to 3-packs per day at one time) for about 40 years .but 'vaping' has made an incredible difference in my everyday life. People I know have walked up to me and remarked, "You look like you have so much more color in your skin tone." I no longer have the cough and I have more lung capacity (no nasty tar and carcinogens - my doctor even made mention of it); no more stained teeth (less visits to the dentist). My home and clothing is odor-free (no discoloration of the walls or fabrics); no ash droppings, ashtrays or spent buttsI ... and I have ruined way too many expensive shirts and/or pant with the occasional stray hot ash - but never again!

In the beginning (4 years ago) I dealt with about 8-9 other e-cig companies/brands ... until I found MyFreedomSmokes. For any of you that have not tried this company, you are totally missing the boat!!!  Chris Yelton, the owner, is an outstanding, professional and courteous businessman, very customer oriented and accommodating - he only wants the best for his customers - and the products he represents are excellent. Working with Chris and his staff is always a pleasure and their service is unsurpassed. When Chris gets something new, he immediately lets me know about it ... and typically it's a game changer for me for the better. So for me, this company is the real deal - great products, great people, great service - you need no one else!

Try MyFreedomSmokes and you will not regret your decision ... you will understand why they stand out from the crowd.

Terry Robertson - Charlotte, NC  USA


I know I have commented on how great the service I have received from you, but My Freedom Smokes continues to impress me. I just receive an order I placed yesterday. I could not possibly be happier with the orders I have placed. Thank you very much.

Nathan via Email


I smoked for 23 years.  Since March, 2011 I have been using E-Cigarettes exclusively.  I have not gained weight, I can taste & smell foods again, and I feel terrific!  I no longer cough violently every morning.  I can climb a flight of stairs without being winded.  I gained an entire vocal rage back in my singing voice.  My band mates say I haven’t sounded this good since High School. 

To anyone out there trying to find a healthier alternative to cigarettes, I implore you to try an E-Cigarette.  They REALLY DO WORK!  You owe it to yourself to give them a try.  Heck - the unit pays for itself within the 1st month you use it!  And the juice comes in a multitude of flavors – just pick your favorites.

Chris & Myfreedomsmokes.com makes it easy for you by supplying some of the best products on the market at reasonable prices.  They are so reasonable, a friend & I use them as a supplier when we can’t get orders from overseas fast.  Chris unknowingly helped us get our own business off the ground.  I figure it’s time I let him know he is ultimately responsible for helping over 20 people in Oklahoma give up conventional cigarettes.


Bryan B. via email


I just wanted to tell you I placed an order for lots of e-juice and supplies on 11-30-2011 and received them today 12-3-2011.  What great shipping fast service thanks a bunch!  I also wanted to tell you so far tonight I have tried the camel 18mg.  And the flavor is awesome... So tasty and smooth , terrific vapor - great job I can't wait to try all the other flavors I ordered! I just wanted to thank you for products that are true to their description and to all your reviews!

Looking forward to being a lifelong customer and wanted to thank you!

(The next day....)

Hello again Chris.  I just wanted to tell you, your e-liquid is the BEST I have tried, and trust me I have tried alot!  You don't just have one flavor that is awesome, but all of your flavors seem to be spot on, great taste, just as described, great th, and wonderful vapor, and the price is great!  I ordered a bunch of smaller ml bottles as my experience in past from other companies was I would order some e-liquid from other companies, thinking and believing they would be spot on, they were not and I wasted lots of money and eliquid.  I understand that flavor is individual to a person's taste, but your flavors are as they are described and as they are reviewed on utube. Thankful I was searching utube and saw reviews for your company e-liquid!  I order a 30 ml of dunhall-great flavor, th and vapor;  then 10ml of camel(taste so close to the camel lights analog, it is unbelievable;  marlboro red same thing taste similar to the red box, and actually better not as burnie;  the cotton candy made me feel like I was at the carnival, I vaped alot of the 10ml already (will have to order more) lol;  I just tried the pomegranate-OMG fruity, sweet, but not too sweet and great after dinner;  the cheesecake is to die for, feel like I am eating dessert without the calories!  I still have to try the Hilton and a few others I ordered in 10ml but know from the other ones I have tried, I will not be disappointed:)! 

I have to tell you that I have been trying this e-cig thing now for a several months and was down from 2pks a day analog to a couple analogs every couple days.  Out of all the other e-liquid I tried, I still was "cheating" not feeling like I had a juice to really exactly replace my analogs...Until I got your e-liquid, and the camel was perfection! Even better then replacing the analog, no comparison-just better!  Since I have your e-liquid, I have not touched another analog nor wanted to, not even a little...I use tobacco flavored camel and marlboro when really craving that tobacco, then nice relaxing vape of cheescake, pomegranate, or cotton candy when want some sweet.  So...I know this is long winded, but just wanted to give you some positive feedback and THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I have said good riddance to the analogs, and will be continued happy customer of my freedom smokes e-liquid-keep up the awesome job! Julia L. Schaefer

- Julia S. via email

"I think this is the greatest. I received my starter kit Sept. 25th and have not smoked a real cig since. I thought that I would have the shakes and be just miserable but I'm not, I feel great. My taste is coming back and I can smell something other than just cig smoke. My kids think it's fantastic. I started my husband on the e-cig too. He has gone from 3 packs a day down to 1 pack with the use of the e- cig. I hope that pretty soon he will just be using the e-cig alone. Thanks for such a great product."

- Kim T. via email

Hello Chris, my name is Aaron and I recently ordered 3 juices from you Friday morning. I ordered a red bull, menthol, and a mild seven and I just wanted to thank you for a really good buy. I'm normally not a person who leaves feedback after a purchase, but damn your stuff is really really good. I've been vaping cherry from Totally Wicked and I may never buy from them again because your stuff is just better. I only ordered 6ml of mild seven and I'm really regretting it. I only ordered a small amount because I've never vaped a tobacco flavored juice before and I didn't know how i would like it. Turns out I love it. I will definitely be getting more juice from you in the near future. Thanks


"Now that I'm online again, I can send you a thank you note."

I was able to quit smoking 3 months ago after 40 years due to e-cigs. I was moving residences and travelling internationally through multiple destinations. After everything was packed up and just before I left on my trip, I discovered that the movers had packed up the nic juice supply that I was going to take to tide me over until my residence stuff arrived at its destination, weeks later.

I was terrified that without the nic juice, I would be forced back into smoking again. I was able to use my netbook in the dark, hacking my neighbor's network, and get online to you.

Because of your thoughtful overnight shipping service, I was able to order some nic juice from you and have it overnighted to a hotel where I would be staying some days later. You handled the emergency order perfectly, it arrived in the right place on time.

When I went to the hotel desk, they pulled out the package and gave it to me. I had 1 ml of nic juice left. I was saved!

So I wanted to thank you for saving me from the terrible fate of going back to smoking. Your stuff is always top quality, you always handle my orders correctly and expeditiously, and I do appreciate the weird little freebies you include.

So if you ever need a testimonial, I'm your man. Thanks a lot!"

- Robert B. via email

"I ordered Cappuccino, Red Bull, Banana Cream, and Marshmallow smoke juices from you last week and they are ALL COMPLETELY AMAZING! THEY'RE WONDERFUL and I'm truly grateful for you and your highly efficient service!! Everyone that stands behind you and your products on the e-cigarette forum was absolutely correct and I'm glad that I did business with you! Your pricing is GREAT and offering sale items is an added bonus!! I will definitely be ordering with you again, and you just may become my sole e-liquid provider! I've also referred all my friends and family to you!"

-Ashaki M., Vancouver WA

"I tried nicotine gum, the patch, pills, you name it. But I could never get past the need to puff on something. My Freedom Smokes relieves my psychological cravings as well as my physical ones."

- Linda G., Concord NC

"My Freedom Smokes changed my life! Now I can enjoy smoking without any of the dangers of lighting up a cigarette."

- Joe R., Charlotte NC

"I tried nicotine gum, the patch, pills, you name it. But I could never get passed the need to puff on something. My Freedom Smokes relieves my psychological cravings as well as my physical ones."

- Linda G., Concord NC

"I have COPD. My doctor told me if I didn't quit smoking, I would wind up with emphysema. But I just can't seem to quit. Then I found My Freedom Smokes and showed her how they work. She approved of this alternative to cigarettes when my breathing improved. Thank you, My Freedom Smokes!"

- Philip S., Columbia SC

"My grandson has begged me to stop smoking, and believe me, I've tried several times. Not just for myself, but to protect him from second hand smoke. My Freedom Smokes has been the best solution for both of us."

- Maxine F., Concord NC

"I have received the product in good working order and very quickly! ... It's not exactly the same as the real thing but is definitely a fine alternative to quitting, and my children actually like the way the 'smoke' smells. I look forward to trying the chocolate cartridges that you included with my order. Thank you!"

- Jeff P., Richmond VA

Chris, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your company an you as well. I appreciate the phone call you made to me about my order. The e-juices that you recommended and sent to me are some of my favorites. Thank you very much and rest assured that I will be placing orders with you in the future. Sincerely, Keith P.

Placed an order last week for a 510 kit w/ PCC, some juice, and some attys. You helped me get my hands on some black manual battys despite probably being swamped due to the big sale. I just wanted to tell you that I sincerely appreciate the level of service I received, and the fast shipping. My girlfriend is a hair stylist and she is taking a very important business trip to NYC this weekend. It’s a huge deal that she’ll be able to spend her week (and hopefully the foreseeable future) without worrying about finding a place to smoke, smelling like smoke around clients, etc. She loves her 510, and it’s thanks to you that I was able to get it, without a hitch, at a great price.

-All the best, Kameron


Placed my first order with you earlier in the week and received it on Wednesday.  I just had a chance to open it up and check everything out...fantastic!!!  I can't believe I've been around for over a year and this was my first order with you...I've really been missing out.  Great
Stuff!  Thanks for an excellent buying experience!  You'll be seeing more of my business real soon.

-Forum Member "bri1270"

I just have to tell you that I love your company! Great value on all e-cig items! Just placed my 4th or 5th order with you and can't tell you how much I love your company and your products! I'll be a customer for life and will recommend you to others!

-Sincerely, Robin

Have something to add about your My Freedom Smokes experience?
Email : Chris@myfreedomsmokes.com