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DIY E-Liquid Contest


The Contest Has Ended.  Winners will be chosen soon and select videos posted for viewing.


MFS DIY E-Liquid Contest


Here's your chance to show off your mixing skills and earn $$$$ and other free stuff.

We feel that we are the best choice for any customer looking to get into mixing their own DIY E-Liquids, and we want you to help us prove it.  Many of you already know that we offer everything needed to mix some spectacular E-Liquids:


1) Our Famous Unflavored Nic Liquid 7) Graduated Cylinders    
2) USP Grade Propylene Glycol 8) Amber Glass Bottles
3) USP Grade Vegetable Glycerin 9) HDPE Bottles
4) Hundreds of DIY Concentrated Flavorings     10) Dropper Bottles
5) Beakers 11) Syringes
6) Flasks 12) Pipettes



But we want you to help us spread the word.  We are asking you to post a video of yourself using our products to mix up your favorite DIY E-Liquids.  In return, each video posted will earn you $5.00 in Store Credit towards your next purchase at www.MyFreedomSmokes.com.  There is no limit on the number of entries, but only the first 5 videos posted by each customer will qualify for the $5 Store Credit.  This means that you can earn a total of $25 Store Credit just for participating.  


So why would anyone post more than 5 videos?  Because, once all of the videos have been received and reviewed, we will choose the best video and provide that person with an extra $100 Store Credit.  There will also be prizes for categories such as:

  • Best Recipe

  • Worst Recipe

  • Funniest Video

  • Best Music

  • Best Graphics

  • Most Informative Video

  • ...And whatever other categories we find worthy of a prize

So enter as many times as you like, show off your mixing skills, and earn some serious $$$$ and prizes. 


Here are the rules:

  • All entries must be received on or before September 4th, 2012.
  • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube for public viewing
  • Videos must be at least 1 minute in length
  • An email must be sent to dustint@myfreedomsmokes.com containing a working link to the video in the body of the email and the words "MFS DIY Contest" in the Subject line.
  • Video Title should follow this format:  E-Liquid Name: MyFreedomSmokes DIY E-Liquid Contest (i.e. Soldier's Blend: MyFreedomSmokes DIY E-Liquid Contest)
  • All liquid products (i.e. unflavored nic, pg, vg, and flavorings) used in video must be purchased from MyFreedomSmokes.com (you can use any mixing equipment, but bonus points are awarded for using our equipment!)
  • Video description must include a list of ingredients along with the volume and/or percentage of each ingredient used to produce the final mixture.
  • Video description must also include a working link to our homepage:  http://www.myfreedomsmokes.com

The rest is up to you.  So go ahead and break out the camera and your mixing station and get to creating some crazy new flavors or share with everyone how to mix your favorite all-day vape.  Either way you'll make a few $$$$ and possibly win some cool prizes. 

Throughout the competition updates will be sharing some of the best new entries or recipes here:  Click Here

Use the link above to check out the competition or simply find some cool new recipes.


Terms and Conditions:

  • The idea behind this contest is to share recipes with others that are passionate about DIY E-Liquids and introduce new people to DIY mixing.  Therefore, by entering into this contest you are giving MyFreedomSmokes.com permission to use your entry as they see fit.  This may include posting the video or a link to the video on their website, distributing it in their email newsletter, posting it in a forum, etc.  They may also be allowed to post, share, or use your recipe or a variation thereof.  The $5 store credit for up to 5 videos per customer and the $100 store credit awarded to the winner that is chosen by MyFreedomSmokes.com are the only guaranteed prizes.  The secondary prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the management and employees at MyFreedomSmokes.com.