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Can I really smoke this device anywhere?

MyFreedomSmokes.com provides the stimulating pleasure of smoking without the burning of tobacco. When tobacco is burned, thousands of toxic chemicals and carcinogenic substances can pose a serious threat to you and your loved ones. Because of these health concerns and the risk of second-hand smoke associated with cigarette smoking have lead to new laws regulating when and where you are able to smoke.

With an electronic cigarette from MyFreedomSmokes.com you can smoke whenever and wherever you want; even in places where you are prohibited to smoke analog cigarettes such as in the workplace or at your favorite night club or restaurant. Since it does not burn like cigarettes, it does not release dense clouds of pollutants, chemicals, or other toxins associated with second-hand smoke. An e-cig also won’t cause a fire hazard like cigarettes because it does not require lighting. And because there is no second-hand smoke, your supervisor at work, your waiter at a restaurant, or club owner will most likely allow you to smoke this device on their premises.

Can I get in trouble for violating a “No Smoking” ban?

Legal bans define smoking as the burning of cigarette tobacco. Because e-cigarettes are non-flammable, they do not pose a serious fire hazard. And since they don’t expose others to second-hand smoke pollutants, you should be able to smoke this product anywhere you go.

What if someone confronts me?

Property owners have the right to regulate any activity taking place on their property, so don’t be surprised if you are confronted by a hotel manager, waiter, or store owner when smoking your e-cig. After all, it looks like a real cigarette, releases a vapor similar to cigarette smoke, and even features a LED at the tip that lights up like a burning cigarette when you inhale.

We recommend that you first speak with the property owner or manager and explain how the e-cigarette works. You’ll find most folks will be impressed by the technology and won’t mind you using it. However, some places might not be appropriate for its use out of respect or obligation to others. We encourage you to be courteous wherever you use our device.

What about airports?

Electronic Cigarettes are no longer allowed to be used aboard an airplane.  Even though My Freedom Smokes e-cigarettes don’t technically violate any no-smoking policies, airports employ additional rules regarding safety, particularly since 9-11.


Can an e-cig set off a smoke alarm?

Your e-cig should not affect a smoke detector any more than a vaporizer in your bedroom would. But if you aren’t sure, just try it.

What is in the pre-filled cartomizer?

Pre-filled replacement cartomizers are already filled with your favorite e-liquid and are available in many different nicotine strengths (ranging from zero to very-high).  The e-liquid also contains propylene glycol and flavoring.  Propylene glycol is a water based ingredient found in many health products and medicines, it is of pharmaceutical grade and is FDA approved. The pre-filled cartomizers are the easiest way to use your e-cig as you simply screw them on to the battery and puff away.  No messy liquid or complicated refilling to deal with.

Who should not use this product?

* Minors under the age of 18 or under the State-determined legal age to purchase cigarettes are prohibited from using this product.
* Product is not intended for non-smokers
* People allergic to nicotine or any other ingredients within inhalants. Continued use is prohibited for those who suffer any adverse reaction to the product.
* Pregnant and breastfeeding women
* People suffering from disease or poor health conditions should speak with their doctor before use.
* Use of this product in conjunction with smoking cessation products or as a smoking cessation device is strictly prohibited.


Is this a “kick the habit” device?

Currently it is not allowed to market electronic cigarette products as a smoking cessation device, and it should not be thought of in this fashion.  Instead it should be considered a alternative to smoking that delivers nicotine to the user and allows more freedom of when and where it can be used in comparison to analog cigarettes.

However, many of our users report that our products have been used successfully to stop smoking whether that was their intention when purchasing or not.  Some users even plan a nicotine reduction schedule in which they start with the high nicotine level for a few weeks, then cut back to medium while approaching their goal to replace cigarette smoking with “vaping” on their e-cig. Still, some people quit regular cigarettes and save their e-cigarette infused with a gourmet flavor as a treat after dinner, with a cup of chai tea or latte, after an event, or for no reason other than relaxing.

If you wish to stop smoking we advise you to first choose from FDA approved smoking cessation products. This is because more support can be offered through these methods and more studies have been done to determine dosing and interactions with other medinces.

If you choose an electronic cigarette as a pathway to quit or as a safer alternative to regular cigarette smoking, keep in mind that you still need to make the same commitment you would make if you chose the patch, nicotine gum, pills, or other prescribed and OTC products: “I want to quit cigarette smoking!” That’s always the first step.

Health concerns?

A word about nicotine:
Doctors disagree on the idea of zero nicotine tolerance. Just as they disagree about how much caffeine is good for you, and how much is dangerous, our research at MyFreedomSmokes.com finds that mild consumption of nicotine for those who have no other health problems such as high blood pressure, may not be as bad as believed. In fact, there are many studies using nicotine as a treatment aid.

Additionally, nicotine in itself is not the culprit in cigarettes but more the delivery system.  The ignition of chemicals, releasing tar and toxins through the damaging smoke that we breathe into our lungs, not to mention the effect on others from the pollutants of second-hand smoke, this is what creates the danger in the smoking of analog cigarettes.

Nicotine, like caffeine is an addictive substance that’s used as a stimulant when absorbed in small amounts. Although the nicotine in our product is less than a traditional cigarette, the results are similar because you are inhaling the vapor, another reason why users are so pleased with this product. It satisfies both physical and mental aspects of smoking.



Some people are sensitive to nicotine and other products. Take the same precautions you would when following the advice of other nicotine delivery methods.

Do not over-smoke our product. Instead, take natural breaks between smoking our product. Cigarettes may burn out, but our product can be used continually without a natural break such as when your cigarette burns out.

Additionally, our products are not for minors, non-smokers, pregnant or breastfeeding women, people suffering from heart disease, irregular rhythmic heart beats, asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure, or any other serious medical condition. Talk with your physician if you are under medication. Nicotine may interfere with certain medications or treatments. If you experience an allergic reaction or experience symptoms of nicotine overdose such as nausea, vomiting, confusion, cold-sweat, weakness, altered respiration or heartbeats, seizure, or if you experience any other negative side effect, cease use and seek medical attention.

As with any electrical device, misuse could potentially lead to a hazard. However, our products are CE and ROHS certified. Given proper handling you should not experience any problems. Generally, do not expose product components to water, extreme heat, or collision. Keep out of reach of children as cartridge pieces may present a choking hazard and ingestion of concentrated nicotine may be toxic.

How long does the battery last?

Our starter kits are available with varying battery sizes, but generally speaking the larger the battery, the longer it will last between charges.  The good news is that most kits come with at least 2 batteries, so you can charge one while you use the other.  Batteries are consumable/rechargeable (please dispose properly). Like most rechargeable batteries these will run out in time and will need to be replaced regularly. So, when the quality of the battery reduces to where it may not suit your needs, you may need to purchase a replacement battery.